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What is a Refrigerated Trailer and What is it Used For?

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Transportation and storage play a pivotal role in maintaining the freshness and efficacy of perishable goods. Among the range of solutions available, the refrigerated trailer stands out due to its specialized features and uses. This blog post delves into the intricacies of a refrigerated trailer and its applications.

What is a Refrigerated Trailer?

A refrigerated trailer is more than just a standard dry van. Fitted with a refrigeration unit, this type of trailer has the primary purpose of keeping goods cool or frozen. Imagine having a giant refrigerator on wheels, and you get the idea. This unique capability makes it essential for specific industries and use cases which we will explore further.

Uses of Refrigerated Trailers

Pharmaceutical Companies

One of the key industries that benefit from the capabilities of the refrigerated trailer is the pharmaceutical sector. Medicines, vaccines, and certain medical equipment need specific temperature conditions. Renting a refrigerated trailer ensures these conditions are met, thereby preserving the efficacy of the medical goods.


Certain manufacturing processes require components or raw materials to be kept at controlled temperatures. Whether it’s a crucial ingredient or a sensitive part, refrigerated trailers play a vital role in ensuring these components remain at their optimal state.

Grocery Stores

The fresh produce, dairy, and meat sections of a grocery store are highly dependent on proper temperature control. Refrigerated trailers can be rented for storage purposes, ensuring that the goods remain fresh until they reach the consumer’s basket.

Specifications and Variations of Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers come in two main lengths: 53-foot and 48-foot. While both sizes serve the purpose of temperature-controlled transportation and storage, they cater to different needs.

53-foot Trailers

These are the more commonly rented trailers. Their larger size makes them suitable for industries requiring substantial storage space, such as pharmaceutical companies and large-scale manufacturers.

48-foot Trailers

Designed for tighter spaces, the 48-foot trailers are often chosen for locations where maneuverability is a concern. These may be ideal for inner-city grocery stores or factories with limited space.

All refrigerated trailers provided are fitted with roll doors, which are primarily used for dock doors. Unlike swing doors, which are common for over-the-road use, roll doors are better suited for storage and local movements.

Powering the Refrigerated Unit

Currently, the available refrigerated trailers are powered exclusively by diesel. However, in alignment with evolving technology and a focus on sustainability, there are plans to introduce electric-powered units in the near future.

Maintenance and Responsiveness

Given that many of the goods stored in refrigerated trailers are high-value, timely maintenance becomes crucial. For instance, if there’s an issue with the refrigeration unit, the clock starts ticking immediately, as prolonged exposure to suboptimal temperatures can compromise the integrity of the stored items.

With these trailers predominantly used locally for storage, maintenance becomes a smoother process. Most issues can be addressed swiftly, and users can typically expect a response within an hour, ensuring that the goods remain safe and in their prime condition.


Refrigerated trailers offer a specialized solution for industries that require temperature-controlled storage and transportation. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, manufacturing components, or fresh produce, the peace of mind these trailers provide is unmatched.

As technological advancements continue, we can expect even more efficient and eco-friendly solutions in this space. If you’re considering the use of a refrigerated trailer for your business or have more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a Refrigerated Trailer and What is it Used For?

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