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Most people in Logistics think of drayage as it relates to intermodal or containers on a ship, but here are two other drayage services you may not have considered: shipment to shopping malls, factory to warehouse and trade shows. For many shopping malls, there may be a centralized loading dock or drayage area where receivers pick up from in order to limit congestion at the mall itself. If you exhibit at trade shows, you are probably familiar with paying bills for trade show drayage. Whether you ship directly to the show site or to a show warehouse, every company’s exhibit needs to get from the loading dock to its respective spot on the show floor. Most local manufacturers hire a third party company like US Trailer to move their freight around town to make it possible to grow without the expense of buying trucks and trailers. Let US Trailer provide you with everything your company needs to bring freight onto your property as well as from your property to anywhere you need it. Simply and easily without any worry.

We can arrange pickup and/or delivery in advance, on a tight turnaround for dock space, or to get your freight out before the Last Free Day. Our Logistics Team is trained in drayage and can help you avoid any necessary fees to keep your freight moving.

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