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Are There Any Hidden Fees or Charges When Renting a Semi-Trailer?

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Renting a semi-trailer comes with its own unique cost structure, varying significantly from other types of rentals. This post aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the charges and associated fees that customers may encounter when they opt to rent a semi-trailer.

Pricing Structure: Monthly Rates and Per Mile Charges

Monthly Price and Per Mile Rate When Renting a Semi-Trailer

One of the primary factors determining the cost of renting a semi-trailer is the pricing structure. Generally, customers are given a monthly price, which covers the standard usage of the trailer.

Additionally, there is a per mile rate. This charge is levied based on the distance the trailer travels. This approach ensures that customers pay for the wear and tear the trailer undergoes during its usage.

Why Charge Per Mile for Storage Trailers?

Interestingly, even storage trailers, which typically remain stationary, are priced with a per mile rate. The rationale behind this is to account for instances when customers unexpectedly use these trailers for transportation across vast distances. This system helps the rental company to cover the wear and tear, especially on the brakes and tires.

Additional Charges: Beyond the Basic Rates

Damage Charges When Renting a Semi-Trailer

While the basic rental costs are straightforward, customers need to be aware of potential additional charges. One such charge arises when there is damage to the trailer.

If a trailer is returned with any damage, the responsibility of bearing the cost falls on the customer. However, it’s essential to note that wear and tear on maintenance items, such as refreshing a DOT, are usually covered by the rental company.

Renting a Refrigerated Unit: Specific Charges

Renting refrigerated units brings its own set of pricing nuances. Typically, such a trailer is rented at $675 a week. Furthermore, customers are charged 2.25 cents per hour, as these units accrue hours like farm equipment when the engine is running. Additionally, there’s a charge of eight cents per mile.

One advantage of the hourly charge for refrigerated units is that it covers all maintenance. If customers face issues with the unit, the rental company takes care of it. The only exception to this is when the unit runs out of fuel, requiring the company to re-prime it. In such cases, an additional charge is levied.

Taxes and Other Considerations

Personal Property Tax

Customers should be aware that a piece of personal property tax is charged on top of the bill. This tax typically amounts to a three percent charge. It’s vital to consider this added cost when calculating the overall rental expense.

Conclusion: Charges When Renting a Semi-Trailer

Understanding the charges when renting a semi-trailer is crucial for budgeting and avoiding unexpected expenses. By familiarizing themselves with both the standard and additional costs, customers can ensure a smooth rental experience.

Remember, while many maintenance issues are covered by the rental company, damages to the trailer will always be a charge borne by the customer. Should you have more questions or need clarification on any aspect of the semi-trailer rental process, please feel free to contact us.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Charges When Renting a Semi-Trailer?

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